Clubs provide an opportunity for students to meet and where they can be mentored and motivated to become great sportsmen, conservationists, and leaders in their homes, communities, and the outdoors.

SOE Clubs create an exciting venue for students to become more involved in the world of hunting, fishing and the great outdoors. Student Outdoor Experience has a desire for each student to find the leader within them and to achieve their highest level of potential making them a successful leader in life.

Launching Your SOE Club

Clubs are formed with the intention of introducing our next generation to our hunting, fishing and shooting sports and equipping them to lead the way in preserving our heritage.

Steps to launch a club:
1. Have a love for Students and the Outdoors
2. Schedule your Club to meet yearly, monthly or weekly.
3. Contact Team SOE today to get your packet to launch your SOE Club

If you have a heart for students and this same desire to preserve our heritage, then SOE can help equip you to lead with that vision in mind. All it takes is a conversation with your state coordinator or simply calling our SOE corporate headquarters at 888.244.1611. It just takes a few like-minded leaders to get started. You will receive the SOE Club leaders manual that will train and guide you through your SOE Club meetings. We will also help you organize your first community meeting to launch an SOE Club in your area.

The SOE curriculum line was created specifically for the Next Generation generation. This new, exciting, and interactive curriculum is designed to give students a foundation and passion for leadership, the outdoors and our sport.

Each lesson has a leader’s and student’s guide. The leaders guide contains the detailed lesson along with the answers and activity guide. This allows the leader to be completely equipped and ready to lead the session with confidence.

Each student will receive a printed “Student Lesson”. This resource guides them in what we call the One-One-One approach. In each session, students will learn one leadership trait, one outdoor emphasis and dive into one practical how-to and discuss how these traits apply to their life. They will receive a certificate of achievement after completing each series. In addition, they are available to receive the SOE Diploma after completing four series along with their hunter safety certification.


If you would like more information on how to launch an SOE Club in your area please contact us today to receive a quick introduction and how you can see this program impact your youth and community.